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1.2 Tons! This Year’s First Batch of Tajikistan Cherries Arrives in Urumqi

Central Asian cherries are famous for their large size, rich taste, and natural pollution-free. In recent years, they have opened up sales in the Chinese market and gradually formed a scale. In addition to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan have a relatively large output of cherries, and a large amount of cherries are exported to China by air. China is currently the largest consumer market for cherries. In addition to traditional sales channels, Central Asian cherries are simultaneously sold online on various e-commerce platforms.

According to Liu Lilan, a logistics staff member of China Southern Airlines, in previous years, the transportation of cherries in Central Asia was mainly concentrated after mid-May. This year, the transportation time has been advanced by half a month. In order to transport imported cherries better and faster, China Southern Airlines Logistics has opened a green transportation channel to shorten the time for unloading, hauling, warehousing, and inventory, and cooperate with customs to speed up customs clearance, maximize efficiency, and ensure fresh cherries. .

At present, China Southern Airlines has resumed 9 international flights per week from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. China Southern Airlines Logistics has fully utilized its advantages in transportation capacity and network resources to efficiently guarantee logistics transportation. >>> China and the five Central Asian countries fully resumed the “Air Silk Road” and continued to expand capacity and speed up

Source : Sina Finance