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Ancient Rooms with Special Mosaics Discovered Near the Colosseum in Rome

Not far from the famous Colosseum in Rome, archaeologists have discovered some rooms of an ancient Roman town house with special mosaics. Researchers from the Archaeological Park uncovered them between the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill, one of Rome’s seven hills, and presented the new discovery, according to the Italian Ministry of Culture.

The unusual mosaics on the walls of the luxurious house, which was probably built at the end of the 2nd century BC, are particularly special.

The complex scenes depicted on the wall cladding made of so-called rustic mosaics are particularly impressive, the press release continued. These are composed of various types of shells, mosaic stones, precious glass, tiny plates of white marble and other multi-colored stones. They show a complex sequence of scenes depicting several different figures.

These include Celtic trumpets, parts of ships with trident images and vases from which tendrils and lotus flowers sprout. But also building outlines with columns and gates. The exact meaning of the scenes and depictions is not known.

The town house with its rooms is located in the area not far from the so-called Horrea Agrippiana, the oldest monumental warehouse complexes from Augustan times along a trade route in ancient Rome. According to archaeologists, the domus extended over two terraced floors. There are numerous sights in the vicinity.