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Armenia Has No Plans to Attack Any Country – Speaker of Parliament

Speaker of Parliament Alen Simonyan has commented on Azerbaijan’s discontent regarding Armenia’s arms acquisitions.

Simonyan said that Azerbaijan is complaining about Armenia’s defense acquisitions while Baku itself continues to buy arms.

“Armenia is buying a couple of vehicles and Azerbaijan starts complaining. Azerbaijan has everything except a nuclear weapon and tries to misrepresent to the whole world that Armenia is getting armed because it has some plans to attack. I am officially announcing that Armenia doesn’t have any plans to attack any country. The international community must focus today on the fact that Azerbaijan is buying billions of dollars’ worth weapons. And a question arises, what does Azerbaijan need so much arms for,” Simonyan said.

He added that Azerbaijan’s statement on the peace process must be backed by actions, if the statements aren’t just for PR. 

“If Azerbaijan speaks about peace, there are many steps that could be done to prove it, starting from releasing the captives up to the implementation of the principles that have been agreed upon,” Simonyan said, referring to the three principles that Armenia and Azerbaijan have agreed upon in Brussels.

Source : Armenpress