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Armenia Population Drops

According to the 2022 census in Armenia, the latter’s permanent population 2,932,731 people. 1,548,250 of them are women, and 1,384,481 are men. These data were publicized by the Statistical Committee of Armenia. The indicator of the current population in the same period was 2,869,438 people.

According to the census data, compared to the previous 2011 census in Armenia, the indicator of both the current and permanent population has decreased has dropped in Armenia. In particular, compared to the census conducted in 2011, the permanent population in the country decreased by around 86,023. In 2011, the permanent population of Armenia was 3,018,854, in 2001, it was 3,213,011 people.

The permanent population of Armenia’s urban settlements was 1,871,913 people, and in rural settlements: 1,060,818 people. And the population of capital Yerevan in 2022 was 1,086,700 people.

Source: NEWS.am