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Azerbaijan, Peru Discuss Inter-parliamentary Cooperation

Azerbaijani Ambassador to Peru Mammad Talibov has met with President of Congress of the country Alejandro Soto Reyes and the chairman of the Foreign Relations Commission Alejandro Aguinaga.

During the meetings, the pair discussed the successful development of inter-parliamentary cooperation between the two countries. They explored the potential for advancing relations across various domains, encompassing trade and economics, tourism, culture, education, and more.

Mentioning the positive impact of global energy and transport projects implemented in the region on geopolitical processes, the Azerbaijani diplomat highlighted the ample opportunities for fostering ties between Azerbaijan and Peru in economic, political, and social realms.

The ambassador said that large-scale international projects initiated by National Leader Heydar Aliyev, whose 100th anniversary was solemnly celebrated by Azerbaijani people this year, enabled Azerbaijan to grow into an important transport and energy hub of Eurasia. Mammad Talibov also hailed the event organized at the Peruvian Congress marking the Great Leader’s 100th anniversary this May.

The ambassador briefed the Peruvian officials about the current situation in the region, the progress of the Azerbaijan-Armenia peace process and Azerbaijan’s significant victory in the 44-day Patriotic War. The diplomat reiterated appreciation for the fair stance taken by the Peruvian government regarding the former Karabakh conflict

They also highlighted the reopening of the Peruvian Embassy in Azerbaijan, emphasizing that this factor would contribute to furthering relations between the two countries and give an impetus to establishment of relations across various domains.

Highlighting the flourishing relations between Azerbaijan and Peru, President of Peruvian Congress Alejandro Soto Reyes emphasized that they are interested in the development of cooperation between Peru and Azerbaijan mainly in political, trade-economic, investment, as well as energy, petrochemical, agriculture, tourism, science and education fields.

He expressed confidence that the intensified mutual visits between parliamentary representatives from both countries and the regular exchange of views on future cooperation prospects would give an impetus to the relations between the two countries. During the conversation, there was an exchange of ideas about the increasing role of parliamentary diplomacy in modern times within the context of international relations and on international platforms.