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Azerbaijani Cuisine Presented at International Festival in Vienna

On December 9, the 54th International Festival of Booths was held at the Austria Center Vienna Convention Center in Vienna, organized by the United Nations Women’s Guild (UNWG). This is exactly what those who want to taste the delicious dishes of different countries, buy national souvenirs and watch the dance and music program of folklore groups look forward to the event before Christmas each year.

AZERTAC reports that the market in two sections of the convention center has been divided into two large sections, with national souvenirs and a national cuisine. As is the case each year, the Azerbaijani ambassador to Austria has stuck to tradition and represented our country at the event. Thousands of participants were presented with delicious dishes and desserts of our national cuisine prepared by the Azerbaijani Embassy in Austria and the ladies of our brothers in the country, and the national souvenirs featured examples of folk art and products from various Azerbaijani companies.

At the International Market charity event, various countries speak with their cultural programs and national cuisine. Thousands of Vienna residents are happy to visit this market, which is organized annually on Christmas Eve. The International Festival of Booths features national cuisine, souvenirs, and handiwork in more than 80 countries around the world, as well as international organizations, a number of donor companies, and banks. In a market attended by national folklore groups, gifts from various countries are won in a lottery game for charity.

The UN Women’s Guild is a charity created in 1967 and its Vienna division unites up to five hundred members from more than 100 countries in its ranks. The United Nations Women’s Guild, which is actively represented by women’s diplomats and embassy colleagues at the Azerbaijani Embassy in Austria, spends funds from the annual “International Market” festival to finance various projects for children in need of assistance in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.