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Baku is Against Troops’ Withdrawal From Armenia-Azerbaijan Border

I will answer in brief: I do not agree with the opinion of the Armenian foreign minister. Azerbaijani FM Jeyhun Bayramov said this at Thursday’s joint news conference with his Turkish colleague, Hakan Fidan, commenting on Armenian foreign minister Ararat Mirzoyan’s statement about the need for withdrawing the troops of Armenia and Azerbaijan from their border.

“The Armenian-Azerbaijani border is not delimited; this is a rather difficult problem. If the troops are withdrawn without reaching a full agreement, who can guarantee that one of the sides will not take positions again?

“Today, the Azerbaijani army protects the borders of Azerbaijan, which is logical. The Azerbaijani army did not come, stand on these borders by anyone’s good will or invitation. The Azerbaijani army has liberated its lands after 30 years of bloodshed and is standing at the borders today. Our principle approach is that only Azerbaijani soldiers can protect the border of Azerbaijan, it cannot be trusted to a third party; it is the sovereign right of Azerbaijan.

“We advise Armenia to pay attention to our constructive proposals. In this case, matters can develop positively,” said the Azerbaijani FM.

Source: NEWS.am