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Bulgaria: GERB and Mariya Gabriel Offer an Expert Cabinet With a Term of 1 Year

The next talks about a government exclude a coalition, it can only be expert“, stated the candidate for prime minister of GERB-SDS Mariya Gabriel. “Tomorrow morning I plan to propose that the talks continue for the formation of an expert government, with a term of one year, based on priorities”, she said at a briefing at the GERB headquarters.

According to Gabriel, talks on forming a government continue with all parties, except “Vazrazhdane”.

Because of the differences we have and they were clearly highlighted. We remain open to this dialogue. It is clear to everyone that the next step of talks to form a government will be for a format that excludes the word coalition“.

Tomorrow we are inviting, for a conversation, the Bulgarian Socialist Party despite the differences with them“, she added.

The leader of GERB, Boyko Borissov, denied that he had any communication with representatives of the Supreme Judicial Council because of the request for the resignation of the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev. When asked by the National Radio if there was one after the request of the party’s nominee for prime minister, Mariya Gabriel, that the release of Geshev would be the main priority, Borissov answered:

When Mariya Gabriel said, knowing a lot about the processes that took place in Brussels, that it would be good to reform Bulgaria with all the laws that we call ‘Krum laws’ in quotation marks because of Krum Zarkov, suddenly you start asking if there is interference. I don’t know these people, I haven’t spoken to them.”

Borissov demanded clear answers from the leaders of the other political forces other than “We Continue the Change” and “Democratic Bulgaria”, who clearly stated that they will not support a cabinet of GERB-SDS, and “Vazrazhdane” due to a mismatch of priorities, noting:

How will a budget be made – it will not be made. According to Asen Vassilev, on June 14, according to Vladi Goranov – on the 10th, the state will not be able to pay pensions either. So, Mrs. Ninova, Mr. Karadayi, Mr. Slavi Trifonov must answer us tomorrow which option Ms. Gabriel should take“.

Source: novinite