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Geneva Hosts International Conference Themed “Neocolonialism: Human Rights, Peace and Security”

The international conference on “Neocolonialism: human rights, peace and security” organized by the Baku Initiative Group has been held at the United Nations Office in Geneva.

Addressing the conference, representatives from the former and current colonies of France highlighted the grave consequences of the new colonialism policy pursued by the official Paris in these countries.

They noted that France grossly interferes in the internal affairs of its former colonies, conducts a policy of destabilization in these countries, and simultaneously violates fundamental human rights in the countries it currently controls, and illegally use the natural resources of these peoples.

The population of these countries with its rich natural resources live in more difficult conditions than in France, and the level of unemployment and poverty is many times higher.

France’s nuclear tests and uranium enrichment activities in these areas have caused serious consequences for the health of the population and huge damage to the environment. This country tries to suppress the struggle of indigenous peoples for independence towards the policy of artificial assimilation and resettlement of illegal migrants in these territories.

The participants emphasized that France has consciously violated all the commitments of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which it ratified in 1980.

The participants of the conference protested against France’s militarization of the countries it colonized and the deployment of its military base to strengthen its geostrategic position.

They highlighted the facts of violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms by France in their countries, as well as stressed the importance of combining the efforts of states within the international organizations to fight for freedom.

The participants emphasized the importance of lawfully continuing the struggle within the UN institutions and the Non-Aligned Movement.

The representatives from French overseas territories asked Azerbaijan, as the Chairman of the Non-Aligned Movement, to support them in this way.

The participants expressed their gratitude to President Ilham Aliyev and the members of Baku Initiative Group for the support shown to them.

The conference has ended with the adoption of a declaration.

This is the fourth international conference organized by the Baku Initiative Group this year to support the nations fighting against colonialism and striving to gain independence.