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I Have Cheated China Many Times in the World, and I Want China to Help Me When I Am in Trouble. Should This Kind of Country Help?

I have dug holes for China in the international arena many times, and each time my country suffered heavy losses. After this country was in trouble, it still wanted to get assistance from China. Should this kind of country help?

This country is Türkiye, known as the “Husky in the country”

The country of Turkey has had a glorious past in history, but that is all in the past tense. If Turkey now wants to restore the glory of Ottoman back then, it is purely delusional. But Turkey is a country, because of its unique geographical advantages, no matter how many times it jumps around, others can’t do anything to him.

Located on the Eurasian border, guarding the only outlet of the Black Sea, with the powder kegs of the Balkans above and the Middle East below, Turkey’s geographical advantages cannot be found anywhere else in the world. While occupying such a geographical advantage, it also has the ambition to become a big country, so it is not surprising that Turkey has made some unexpected operations.

It is precisely because of this that Turkey has cheated China a lot in the past, and the most famous ones are two of them. The first time was when China purchased the Varyag aircraft carrier from Ukraine. The handover of the aircraft carrier was very smooth, but the biggest problem occurred when it came to the only export of the Black Sea-the Turkish Strait. Turkey actually used the excuse that the Varyag was too large, which affected the safety of navigation, and banned the aircraft carrier from going out. There is only one exit from the Black Sea, and the aircraft carrier is so big, you can’t fly out, right? Turkey is sure that our country has no other way, and wants to make a big fuss about this matter to benefit themselves.

At that time, Turkey said that if the Varyag wanted to pass through the Turkish Strait, it would either have to dismantle the aircraft carrier into parts and ship it out, or pay a $1 billion deposit. It is clear that this is taking advantage of the fire to rob, but people are under the eaves, the Black Sea is too far away, and our country couldn’t use much strength at that time. The Varyag had to float in the Black Sea all the time, and it would cost a huge amount of berthing costs. It was not until more than two years later that China towed the Varyag back to Dalian Port under the guarantee and mediation of Greece.

For this reason, not only was my country’s aircraft carrier construction work delayed for two precious years, Turkey also blackmailed a piece of our country’s rocket launcher technology, and wantonly manufactured imitations to impact our country’s military export trade. Turkey has made a lot of money, and the losses caused to our country are indeed not small.

Another time, Turkey wanted to purchase an air defense weapon system. At that time, my country’s Hongqi 9 missile was bidding with weapons from Europe, America and Russia. During the test firing, the shooting accuracy of the Hongqi 9 was unanimously praised by the audience. Türkiye also expressed its satisfaction, and will sign a purchase intention with my country on the spot. However, just after the cooperation intention was signed, Turkey turned around and tore up the contract to buy Russian S400 air defense missiles.

We later learned that the reason why Turkey signed the contract with us was to lower the prices of other countries so that they could take advantage of it. However, although Turkey took advantage of China to lower the price of Russia’s S400 air defense missiles and took advantage of it, bigger problems are still waiting for them, and they have received retribution for this.

Turkey lowered the price of the Russian S400 air defense system under the illusion that it signed a purchase agreement with my country for the Red Flag 9 missile, and successfully took advantage of it. But sometimes Russia’s advantages are not so easy to take advantage of, but this time it is Lao Mei who “stands out” for Great Russia.

As a member of NATO, Turkey has the second largest conventional military force in NATO, second only to the United States

The Turkish army is equipped with many NATO standard weapons, including advanced equipment from the US military. The air defense system is not just missiles, radar is also one of the most important components. The Americans expressed their disapproval of Turkey’s purchase of the Russian S400, on the grounds that NATO weapons cannot be exposed to the radar of Russian-made weapons, and there is a risk of leaking secrets.

But if Turkey is obedient, it can’t be called “International Husky” , so Lao Mei has to directly cancel the original decision to give Turkey F35 fighter jets. And this directly caused the amphibious assault ship built by Turkey to become a large flat plate at sea , and the carrier-based aircraft was gone. This made the Turks very anxious, and looking at the world, there are only a few countries that are capable of supplying carrier-based aircraft to other countries, and there is basically no choice. I want to buy it from France, but I know that the French can charge the bill to the sky; I want to find Russia, and Russia has no time to deal with them; the United States will definitely be out of business for a while; after thinking about it, I have to come to ask for help. China, want to buy Chinese J-31.

It can only be said that they think too much. China’s J-31 has not yet been fully deployed by our army. How could it be sold to them? Besides, even if it can be sold to the outside world, do you think it is possible to sell it to a country like Turkey? Now they have built a copycat version of the “J-20” UAV as a carrier-based aircraft, and they have also played the title of “the world’s number one UAV carrier”, but it doesn’t look like it has any combat effectiveness. Feel. Well, thanks for watching, see you next time!

Source: baijiahao.baidu