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Iran Warns Biden of Global Consequences if Gaza Conflict Persists

In an exclusive interview with Newsweek, Iravani pointed out that the continuation of the conflict between Israel and Gaza could tarnish the global perception of the United States and pose a threat to U.S. President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

Iravani urged the United States to conduct a comprehensive reassessment of its national security strategy in West Asia. He expressed deep reservations about the increasing support provided by the U.S. to Israel, emphasizing that Israel’s military capacity, including invasions, heavily relies on unequivocal backing from the United States. As the conflict persists, Iravani highlighted the exponentially escalating cost of this support for the U.S.

“Israel has increasingly become a burden for America in terms of material, political, and, notably, moral and reputational costs on the global stage,” he noted, underscoring the need for the United States to reconsider its support for Israel to avoid further entanglement in Israel’s ambitions.

Iran’s ambassador also highlighted the increasing conflict of interests between President Biden and  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

“Netanyahu finds his political future tied to the continuation of the war on Gaza, while President Biden perceives his reelection prospects entwined with bringing an end to the hostilities. This conflict of interests becomes increasingly unmanageable as the war persists, posing a significant challenge,” Iravani added.

Invoking historical precedents, Iravani referenced the experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq as cautionary tales demanding a reconsideration of the United States’ current policies. He further stressed the urgency for President Biden to intervene and bring an end to the ongoing war in Gaza.

Iran’s commitment to protect civilian lives amid Gaza conflict

Ambassador Iravani stressed the highest priority for Iran: the protection of civilian lives during the Gaza conflict. 

“Iran’s unwavering stance advocates for an immediate and lasting ceasefire, signaling an end to bombings and the tragic massacre of civilians in Gaza,” he asserted.

According to Gaza’s Ministry of Health, the death toll from Israel’s genocidal war on the territory climbed to at least 18,700 in recent weeks, with close to 70 per cent of those killed being women and children. 

Iran’s Islamic Revolution inspiration for regional resistance movements

Iravani further emphasized the profound intertwining of the Palestinian cause with “the essence and DNA of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.” 

The ambassador underscores how the Iranian revolution instilled a deep sense of self-assurance within the Palestinian resistance groups, fostering the belief that they could confront the occupier and emerge victorious. “The genesis of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine stemmed from the influence exerted by the Islamic movement of the Iranian revolution,” he told Newsweek.

Highlighting the cultural ethos of resistance against occupation, Iravani noted that the sacrifice of Hamas leaders fortifies the resilience of the movement. While Israel’s actions may target figures within Hamas, Iravani made it clear that the organization cannot be obliterated. “Instead, these actions amplify the strength of resistance, heralding the emergence of new fighters aligning with Hamas or the birth of entirely new groups committed to the cause of resistance,” the ambassador claimed.

Iravani asserted that despite the military progressions of the war, the cause of the Palestinian conflict will persist. “It remains our firm belief that the Palestinian crisis cannot find resolution through military means; rather, the solution lies in terminating the occupation and upholding the fundamental principle of the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination,” he commented.

concluding, Iravani reiterated Iran’s commitment to refraining from initiating wars with any country. He clarified that a preemptive war strategy has no place within Iran’s defense doctrine. 

However, he emphasized that Iran maintains the highest state of preparedness to respond to perceived threats and vigorously defend itself, its populace, and its interests. The ambassador urged diplomatic solutions to ease tensions and avoid further escalation in the region.

Source: Tehran Times