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James O’brien: Important That Armenia, Azerbaijan Are Talking to Each Other

It is really important that Yerevan and Baku are talking to each other and reaching practical agreements. James O’Brien, Assistant Secretary at the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs of the US Department of State, said this in an interview to the VOA Armenian Service, emphasizing the joint statement on the release of detainees and the practical step that followed it.

The detainees are already at home this week. Armenia and Azerbaijan issued a joint statement showing support for each other in many ways, including their international aspirations, O’Brien said, hoping to see the two sides reach a peace agreement very soon.

Both sides have expressed an interest in doing so. The US, as well as its European Union partners and others, are ready to help. They all would like to see this all come to an end soon, as an early peace would bring enormous benefits, the US official added.

When asked if the US State Department will host the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia before the end of the year, O’Brien replied that what they have told the two countries is that they are very happy to assist in the signing of a peace agreement between them. The US has already hosted several rounds of peace talks between the two foreign ministers, and it would do so again if the parties decided it would help them make peace. The US is ready to help, it encourages both sides to meet again, and so far each has said they are willing to work toward that goal, he noted.

To the question as to such meeting could be expected by the end of this year, the US assistant secretary of state responded that there is not enough time left for this year, but the US will do everything.

Source: NEWS.am