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New Milestone in Oil and Gas Industry in Azerbaijan: GL Sets a Tone

GL, the first privately owned Azerbaijani energy company, has established several significant records while drilling the first four wells in the Buzovna-Mashtaga field operated by its affiliated company. This sets a new standard of drilling operations in onshore Azerbaijan and offers a new approach to a mature oil fields rehabilitation strategy

For the first time in the history of the onshore oil & and gas drilling and production operations in Azerbaijan, GL employed the GeoTap tool, thus revolutionizing the acquisition of significant technical information about reservoir pressure, oil mobility, and productivity.

This information supported the accurate decision-making process during drilling and completion operations and led to twice more production from each well than originally planned. This information will also be utilized during well works and future drilling operations of new wells

The company set a record for the shortest time taken to drill wells at a depth of 2000 meters in onshore fields in Azerbaijan. With exceptional performance, the drilling operations for the first well were completed in 28 days, for the second and third wells in just 22 days each, and for the fourth well just in 18 days.

Additionally, GL has achieved a record milestone by producing oil from the lower layers of the Kirmaki formation, which has not been witnessed in the last 30 years in this field.

Finally, GL pioneered the use of deviation drilling technology with a deviation of 180 meters, utilizing oil-based products for drilling, and concluding the process using the gravel pack completion for the first time in the history of the field.

GL’s CEO, Asif Zeynalov, noted that the competent management team, proper engineering and design of wells, utilization of modern technology, strong planning, and proper contractor management are key factors that contributed to the successful drilling that the company started three months ago. “We would like to thank our partners and subcontractors, including SOCAR’s Complex Drilling Works trust, SOCAR AQS, Halliburton, Weatherford, and Baker Hughes for strong collaboration and, contribution to the successful drilling. The performance demonstrated in these wells is proof that with the right approach to mature fields, there is good potential to extend their lifetime and increase production”, Mr. Zeynalov noted.

GL plans to drill two more wells by mid-2024, similarly applying modern technologies and methods

GL conducts oil and gas operations across five fields in Azerbaijan, including “Kursangi” and “Garabaghli” in the Salyan region and “Buzovna-Mashtaga,” “Gala,” and “Zira” in the Absheron peninsula. GL’s business portfolio includes operating companies such as “Salyan Oil Limited,” “Taghiyev Operating Company,” and “GL Technical Services” LLC which provides a diverse set of services in the oil and gas industry.

Source: Caspian Barrel