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Newspaper: What Azerbaijan Demands From Armenia Under Peace Treaty?

Hraparak daily of the Republic of Armenia (RA) writes: [Opposition] MPs Gegham Manukyan, Kristine Vardanyan, and Aspram Krpeyan had visited the RA MFA last Friday to get familiarized with the treaty on the normalization of Armenia’s relations; in other words, the proposals of the peace treaty with Azerbaijan. Although they are not make public, according to Manukyan’s definition, “the points of the document marked as top secret,” we have learned some details from the 6-page transcript.

The oppositionists were not presented with the text of the peace treaty, but with what demands the parties put before each other. It turns out there is no consensus on the most important issues, there is a demand from the Azerbaijani side and agreement from the Armenian side.

It turns out that legitimizing the [Azerbaijani] occupation of Artsakh [(Nagorno-Karabakh)] is of fundamental importance for [Azerbaijani president] Aliyev. He demands that Armenia clearly recognize the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, the 86.6 [thousand] square kilometers which also includes Artsakh, which will close the possibility of “revanchism” [by Armenia]. But he is not going to at least recognize the 29 thousand 800 square kilometers of Armenia. He prefers some general wording so that not a number is specified in the treaty, but the territorial integrity is noted in words. And the RA area itself will become clear after the border delimitation.

Also, he [i.e. Aliyev] refuses to carry out the [border] delimitation with a map of any date. And although the [respective] choice is between the 1974 and [19]79 maps, Azerbaijan has territorial ambitions and wants to seize new territories from Armenia during [border] demarcation-delimitation, so he does not agree with any map. Enclaves, unblocking of roads are also noted in the proposals. Gegham Manukyan had noted that “getting familiarized with the [aforesaid] proposals only proved its danger and confirmed all fears.”

Source: NEWS.am