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Presidents of Armenia and Uruguay Discuss ‘crossroads of Peace’ Project

President of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay Luis Lacalle Pou, at his residence solemnly received President Vahagn Khachaturyan, who is in Uruguay on an official visit.

Luis Lacalle Pau, welcomed the visit of the President  Khachaturyan to the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, emphasizing that such visits reaffirm the long-standing friendship and close relations between the two countries and peoples.

In his speech, the President of Uruguay emphasized that the Armenian community of Uruguay had played a significant role both in the development of cooperation between Armenia and Uruguay and in the establishment of the Uruguayan state.

The President of Armenia Khachaturyan thanked for the warm reception and hospitable attitude shown to the Armenian delegation.

Vahagn Khachaturyan, for his part, thanked the state and people of Uruguay for being the first to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide and for providing support those who survived the genocide.

At the meeting, the President of Uruguay noted that his coutry is closely following the developments in the South Caucasus region. In this regard, President Vahagn Khachaturyan informed his counterpart about the general realities and current situation in the region, and also referred to the steps taken by Armenia to overcome security challenges in the region. The President  reflected on the “Crossroads of Peace” project.

During the meeting, the parties underscored the effective cooperation between the two countries on international platforms.

In this regard, the President of Uruguay emphasized that all political forces in Uruguay maintain a united position on all issues related to Armenia on the international stage, which is an evidence of the close and friendly relations between the two countries.

Source: Armenpress.am