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Radical Religious Factions Incite Revanchism in Armenia

Glory, fame, arrogance, and lust for position—the fact that the human race has always become a slave to his or her passion—has left him or her powerless in front of the laws of religion. Although it teaches people about spirituality, generosity, and the difference between good and evil, over time, these laws have been manipulated by people and tried to be distorted for their own benefit. However, the conscience of a person’s nature has always held a mirror to what is wrong. Unfortunately, those who do not understand or turn a blind eye to this are always doomed to take a radical position.

Thus, the world paid big prices to separate religions serving some figures from state affairs and to rule the country not by the laws written in temples and churches to govern the masses, which do not meet the demands of time, but by the laws that evolve in accordance with the demands of time. If we leaf through the pages of history, we can see what people have done in Europe, Latin America, Central Asia, Africa, and so on, in the name of God. Reading the history poses a question: “If religion is so bad, why are there so many religious people in the world?”

Frankly speaking, religion looks like a breakthrough, such as planes, DNA, telephones, etc. Good and evil coexist in this breakthrough. Let’s take a plane, for example. It is considered one of the important discoveries that enable us to move from one place to another in a short time. It helps us to transfer important goods from one corner of the world to another; it helps us to take a sick or injured one; and so on. However, with the help of planes, cities and towns can be bombarded, and thousands can be killed. It is worth noting that Nagasaki and Hiroshima were bombed by planes as well. Like planes, religions have good sides, such as teaching people to love human beings, not to kill, not to rob, and so on. However, unfortunately, when this humanist breakthrough that teaches us good gets under the control of spiritual leaders, it can turn into the source of mass killing, devastation, and many disasters. In other words, the spiritual leaders take advantage of religion in abundance to enhance their wealth through alms and to spread their authority. That is why, even today, there is war and retardation in regions where religion is dominant.

Armenia is being exemplified mostly in the South Caucasus. According to most polls conducted by international organisations, the said country is the most religious country in the region. It gives us clues to understand why Armenia has stagnated. Like other countries, where religious leaders have the upper hand, since the priests brainwashed the population, Armenia boils in hatred against its neighbours and always threatens its neighbours with war and terror. In this case, priests are more respectable than political leaders. In all events, you can witness black-cladded Armenian priests sitting at the head of the table.

Even at an event dedicated to Armenia in the US Congress, a priest stands in the grandstand. Of course, it speaks for itself: the population in the said country has gradually radicalised, and they have thought that all their crimes have been committed under the command of God. That is why they mercilessly killed hundreds of people, regardless of their origin in Garabagh. Like other religious countries, Armenia plunged into the “holy” mire, and their “holy war” paved the road for devastation. Brainwashing came to such an extent that they threatened Azerbaijan, which is the richest country in the region and several times bigger than Armenia in terms of economy, demography, and territory, “with new wars, new territorial claims”. It seems they did believe in some miracles. As a result, they enjoyed a humiliating defeat in 2020 and 2023.

It is worth noting that during 30 years of occupation, ordinary Armenians got nothing, but Armenian priests and politicians backed by them filled their pockets and became the wealthy people of the region. Today, when the war is almost finished and the world speaks about the signing of lasting peace between the two countries of the South Caucasus, priests in Armenia emerge again and try to sabotage the process.

The head of the Tavush Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church (AAC), Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan, solemnly stated that he was a revanchist and called for war at the Sunday sermon.

“We should think that we are doing God’s work on earth, the restoration of justice, truth, and salvation. And yes, this is the path of revenge. What other way is there to restore your home?” said the archbishop.

It seems that all the wars and woes that the region has witnessed over the past 30 years are not enough for the Armenian church. Like leeches, they want new places to suck more blood. However, they forget that in the modern world, nobody can tolerate radicals forever, and nobody in the South Caucasus will tolerate ISIS-like Armenian priests. Like ISIS, these priests who call for new wars and new bloodshed will be put on the dusty shelves of history.