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Sharofiddin Gadoev’s Mother: “They Cut Off Power to My House, They Said It Was an Order From Above”

The mother of Sharofiddin Gadoev, one of the leaders of the Tajik opposition abroad, reported that employees of the electricity department of the Farkhor district cut off power to her house. Official structures do not comment on this message.

Oishamo Abdulloeva said in an interview with Radio Ozodi that on the morning of October 11, employees of the district electricity department came to her house and cut the electricity wires. She said she lives in the house with her 12-year-old grandson.

“I asked them why they cut off the power to my house, because I have no debts for electricity and I regularly pay my bills every month. They replied that your son spoke in Germany and criticized the president, so this is an order from above. They didn’t listen to me at all,” says the woman.

We tried to get a comment from the official structures, but all our efforts were in vain. The district electricity department did not answer our calls.

Oishamo Abdulloeva said that she has diabetes and it is difficult to live without light in the house. “How can I cook food now? My son is 38 years old, he himself is responsible for his words, what does this have to do with me, a 72-year-old woman?” says the interlocutor.

Sharofiddin Gadoev was one of the founders of Group 24. Now he heads the Movement for Reform and Development of Tajikistan, and is also the deputy head of the National Alliance, a coalition of opposition groups abroad whose activities are prohibited in Tajikistan.

Gadoev was one of the participants in protests by members and supporters of the Tajik opposition during Emomali Rahmon’s visit to Germany. He later reported that after this the security forces detained his mother.

Oishamo Abdulloeva told Radio Ozodi that security officers from the Farkhor region held her for interrogation for eight hours and then released her. She admits that she “fears for her safety.”

Other opposition representatives also reported that on September 30, a day after the protests in Berlin, the country’s law enforcement agencies detained and interrogated their relatives. The Tajik authorities did not respond to the statements of their opponents, but videos were published on Facebook in which relatives of the oppositionists ask them to return to their homeland. Some opposition members believe that the videos were filmed under pressure from the authorities.

The international organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported on October 6 that after the protests that took place on September 28-29 in Berlin, about 50 relatives of opposition members living abroad were detained and interrogated in Tajikistan.

Source : Ozodi