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Türkiye backs Azerbaijan’s actions on Lachin corridor

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has expressed its support for Azerbaijan‘s recent actions regarding the Lachin corridor dispute while urging Armenia to cooperate and “refrain from provocative steps.”

In a statement released on Aug. 14, the ministry acknowledged that Türkiye has been closely monitoring the longstanding disputes over the mountain road that links Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh and understands Azerbaijan’s legitimate concerns surrounding the issue.

“Unfortunately, these concerns that Azerbaijan has voiced loudly for a long time were not taken into account, and as a result, Azerbaijan took the measures it deems appropriate within the framework of its sovereign rights,” it said.

Türkiye is of the opinion that there is no legitimate ground for criticisms against Azerbaijan concerning the road, the ministry highlighted, adding that Azerbaijan has ensured medical evacuations through the corridor and has designated alternate routes suitable for large-scale cargo transportation.

The statement also directed expectations towards Armenia, calling for the “avoidance of provocative actions and the recognition of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.” It urged Armenia to support the utilization of Aghdam-Khankendi and other alternative roads to meet the needs of the Armenian population in Karabakh.

Türkiye’s stance on achieving peace and stability in the South Caucasus is grounded in the belief that supporting Azerbaijan’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and humanitarian initiatives is crucial, the statement also underscored, pointing out the necessity of refraining from actions that could further escalate the situation.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News