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Wanting to Conquer the World and Replace the United States, Why Does Turkey Dare to Dream of Being a World Hegemon?

No one would have imagined that Turkey, which was nothing after World War II, had counterattacked and become a tyrant in the Middle East with 200,000 remnants of soldiers. What is going on? What is Türkiye’s ability to get to where it is today?


Turkey has a land area of ​​780,000 square kilometers and a population of only 80 million. However, Turkey can be ranked as the 16th largest economy in the world, and its per capita GDP ranks 65th in the world. It is such a small country that wants to be called a hegemony in the Middle East. It is a bit awesome to be true.

The Turkish army’s combat effectiveness is not very strong, but it seems to be sufficient in the Middle East, otherwise it will not intervene in other countries from time to time. At the beginning, Turkey was concealing its own conspiracy, but it seemed to feel that it was very powerful when it aimed at the Kurdish mercenaries in northern Syria. It began to show its talents in the international arena, and the idea of ​​​​invading other countries has been exposed.


Just in 2019, Turkey launched a military operation called the “Peace Fountain” and even achieved victory. Then Turkey made a high-profile claim that it had eliminated more than 500 Kurdish armed personnel.

In fact, the level of training of the Turkish army is not high, the combat experience is also insufficient, and the flexibility in actual combat is also very low. Even the tactics used are very rigid, but even so, Turkey always believes that it has become a team that may be able to Then they even dreamed of being a world hegemon.

World domination dream


It is known as a powerful country in the Middle East. It wants to conquer the world, and even wants to replace the United States. However, it was just a weak chicken with only 200,000 remnants. Why is it so bold that it has dreamed of a world hegemony?

Nowadays, every country does not want to start a war casually. After all, a war undoubtedly requires a huge investment of manpower and powerlessness. Even the United States has to weigh whether this battle is suitable for fighting, but what I did not expect is that Turkey is coexisting peacefully. His voice is very maverick, he is always creating a smell of gunpowder, once there is a war, there must be Turkey going there, the price of such a high-profile is that Turkey has offended the five permanent members of the United Nations, but I did not expect him to Still safe and sound.


At first, Turkey had a lot of ideas about Western countries, but it did not expect that as soon as the new president took office, the relationship between Turkey and Western countries appeared cracks, and even had the idea of ​​leaving NATO. Seeing that Turkey is no longer a country that can be manipulated casually , Lao Mei also panicked, and could only think of ways to influence the coup in Turkey, but unexpectedly failed. At this time, the old United States and Turkey were completely torn apart. Turkey thought to himself, you can just manipulate me, and even want to interfere in our country’s internal affairs. The atmosphere between the two countries can be described as tense.

That being the case, Turkey’s arrogance became even more arrogant. It not only offended the United States, but even had the intention to replace the United States. Later, it also had conflicts with France, Russia, and the United Kingdom. In this matter, I have to admire Turkey courage.

Replace America?


Turkey actually wants to rely on its own power to dominate the Middle East. Has it really come true? Why did Turkey, which has stayed out of the five Middle East wars, exposed such a big ambition? Can it really achieve its goals after offending the three major powers in the world?

We all know that the world-famous Middle East war broke out five times, and these five times, Turkey has always stayed out of the matter and never participated in it, but this does not mean that it is not interested in the Middle East, but why does it continue to intervene in conflicts in the Middle East?


Turkey joined the NATO camp during the Cold War, aiming to act as a younger brother. Unexpectedly, conflicts broke out in the Middle East, but Turkey did not take it seriously at that time, because it always felt that it was a European country and did not need to pay attention to Middle East affairs. In addition, as the younger brother of the United States, Turkey did not dare to offend the United States. At that time, the United States happened to support Israel, and once Turkey joined the war, it was bound to support the Arab countries. This is obviously different from what they imagined. In order not to offend the big brother, Turkey has been Not moving. But it is different now. Turkey has begun to intervene in conflicts in the Middle East, and it is even very high-profile. It uses the protection of refugees as an excuse to annex Syria. It can be said that it is very ambitious.

The biggest reason is Turkey’s President Erdogan. He has always had a very big dream, which is to restore the glory of the Ottoman Empire. Naturally, this dream is to unify and occupy all the countries in the Middle East. Therefore, Turkey’s Its ambitions are undoubtedly exposed, and it has intervened in the conflicts between Syria and Libya. In the future, Turkey’s hand may be extended longer.

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