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Who Poisoned It? Erdogan Suddenly Fell Ill in Front of the Tv Camera, and Putin Hurried Back to the Kremlin Late at Night

Erdogan, who is actively participating in the election campaign, has recently spread a lot of bad news. According to foreign media reports, Erdogan suddenly “sick” and interrupted the interview when he was being interviewed a few days ago. He himself meant that he had an upset stomach , and later publicly stated that it was actually gastroenteritis, and I didn’t have any serious problems. But the outside world has different opinions on this, and there are many speculations. The most extreme speculation is that Erdogan may have been poisoned.

After Erdogan fell, many of his campaign activities were suspended, which was somewhat detrimental to his election. In addition, in the past 20 years, he has always been known for his energy and tirelessness, but now he suddenly fell ill in front of the TV camera, which also makes the outside world feel very unreasonable. Some people even linked Erdogan’s sudden “fall” with Putin’s rush back to the Kremlin late at night that day, making the incident even more confusing.

Who poisoned it?

The current statement given by the Turkish government is that Erdogan has an upset stomach, as long as he follows the doctor’s advice and takes a good rest, he denies many rumors including heart attacks. But there are still many people who think that Erdogan was poisoned. If he was really poisoned, who would be the one who poisoned him? Some media speculate that the CIA is very likely to do it. Turkey is currently undergoing a new round of elections. Erdogan, as the backbone of Turkey, is naturally a big favorite.

But Erdogan has always been unpopular with the West. Originally, Turkey, as a member of NATO, should be united with the West. However, Erdogan not only refused to stand in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, but also opposed Sweden and Finland. Joining NATO, even in spite of the opposition of the United States, it insisted on purchasing the Russian S400 . Such a Turkish leader obviously does not meet the “requirements” of the West, but the Turkish opposition party frequently reports that it has received help from the United States.

Some voices believe that the United States is different. Erdogan continues to serve as the president of Turkey, and wants to push the opposition party candidate to the top, so that Turkey can keep pace with NATO. After all, the United States has not done less to launch a coup. But as far as the actual situation is concerned, all of these are speculations without real evidence. It is impossible for the United States to admit it, and Turkey has no reason to respond to such unfounded public opinion.

Erdogan struggles

In any case, Erdogan is indeed struggling today. After the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, his continuous strengthening of ties with Russia has already made the United States and the West strongly dissatisfied. Coupled with the fact that Turkey is also involved in the energy projects Russia is preparing, this also makes Erdogan’s situation even more difficult.

Source: baijiahao.baidu