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Why Do Military Coups Always Break Out in Türkiye? There Have Been 4 Military Coups in 40 Years?

Turkey, a country at the junction of Asia and Europe, has always attracted much attention. It has a profound historical heritage and a unique cultural atmosphere, but also in a geopolitical important position. However, in recent years, various political incidents have frequently occurred in Turkey, making the country face many challenges. The most prominent problem is that Turkey is always caught in the quagmire of military coups. Compared with other countries, Türkiye appears to be particularly prone to military coups.

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In the past 40 years, Turkey has experienced four military coups, which seems to have become the “law” of Turkish politics, or the “historical burden” of Turkish politics. The complexity and seriousness of this issue cannot be ignored as it affects Turkey’s political situation, social processes and international image. So, what is the reason why Turkey is always prone to military coups?

According to relevant research and analysis, the occurrence of the military coup in Turkey is related to many factors. First, historical factors are an important factor: since the 1960s, Turkish politics has been controlled by the military, which has made Turkey’s “military alliance politics” deeply rooted and has long been a part of the country’s political culture. Under such circumstances, it is often difficult for Turkey’s political system to achieve real democracy and pluralism.

Secondly, the religious factor is also an important factor: Turkey is a country with diverse religious beliefs, and there are also differences between Islam and secularism. However, since President Erdogan came to power, his religious background and political ambitions have undoubtedly deepened this division, which may intensify social conflicts and cause instability.

In addition, there are economic and geopolitical factors: Turkey’s economic growth faces challenges and uncertainties, which may bring social unrest and discontent. At the same time, Turkey’s relations with its neighbors and allies are also subject to geopolitical influences, which may create external interference and exacerbate internal conflicts.

Against this background, Turkey’s political risks and uncertainties have obviously increased. However, in the face of these challenges, Turkey needs to adjust and change its political system, religious and political relations, economic progress, and geopolitical strategies.

In short, in the future progress, Turkey needs to pay more attention to democracy and pluralism, and strengthen social harmony and stability. At the same time, it also needs to get rid of the influence of military alliance politics and move towards a more free and democratic political system. Only on this basis can Turkey get rid of the mystery of the military coup that has plagued it and become a more prosperous and stable country.

In addition, it is worth noting that every time there is a military coup in Turkey, it will cause widespread concern and concern from the international community. Because Turkey is a member of NATO, one of the important stabilizing forces in the Middle East, and one of the important partners of the European Union and the Middle East. A military coup will not only lead to political and social turmoil in Turkey itself, but will also affect the security and stability of the entire Middle East and Europe.

The Turkish military coup that took place in the first half of 2022 lasted only a few hours, but once again drew the attention of the outside world to Turkey’s political, social and geopolitical stability. The Erdogan government subsequently announced a large-scale crackdown on those involved in the military coup, which also aroused criticism and attention from the international community to the Turkish government.

How to save Türkiye from repeatedly falling into the quagmire of military coups? This is a question that requires careful consideration and resolution. The Turkish government needs to further strengthen the construction of the democratic system, promote social diversification, and strengthen economic and social progress. At the same time, it should also strengthen cooperation and exchanges with the international community to jointly maintain regional and world stability and prosperity.

In short, Turkey’s political, social and geopolitical stability issues require the joint attention and resolution of all parties. This is not only related to Turkey’s own development and security, but also to the stability and development of the entire Middle East and Europe.

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