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Yemen Carries Out Military Operations Against Two Ships Linked to Israel

The official spokesman for the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, explained in a statement that the naval forces carried out a qualitative military operation against two ships linked to the Zionist entity. The first was the “Swan Atlantic” ship, loaded with oil, and the other was the “MSC Clara” ship, carrying containers and they were targeted by two naval aircraft.

He pointed out that the process of targeting the two ships comes as a victory for the oppression of the Palestinian people, who are currently being subjected to killing, destruction and siege in the Gaza Strip, and in response to the calls of the free people of Yemen and the nation.

He stated that the military operation against the two ships came after their crews refused to respond to the calls of the Yemeni naval forces, stressing that the Yemeni armed forces reiterated their reassurance to all ships heading to all ports around the world except the Israeli ports that no harm would befall them and that they must keep the dating device open.

Brigadier General Sarie reiterated that the Yemeni Armed Forces will not hesitate to target any ship that violates what was stated in its previous statements.

The commander of the Fifth Military Region in the Sanaa government, Major General Yusuf al-Madani, also affirmed Yemen’s unwavering commitment to supporting Gaza, regardless of any external pressure.

In a statement on Monday, the major general declared that “any escalation in Gaza is an escalation in the Red Sea.”

On reports of a potential maritime military coalition being discussed between the United States, the Israeli occupation entity, and a number of other countries, including Arab states, al-Madani emphasized that the Yemeni armed forces will confront “any state or entity that stands between [Yemen] and Palestine.”

Yemen is “committed to maintaining high readiness against any potential threats, as the enemy is lying in wait for Yemen and seeks reactions after being humiliated.”

The senior Yemeni military official referred to the operation of capturing the Israeli commercial ship Galaxy Leader, explaining that it took place “under extremely complex conditions and 120 kilometers off the coast of Yemen.”

He also revealed that “the special forces that carried out the operation underwent extensive training for two years to execute such operations,” adding that “the operation was successfully conducted despite the enemy being in a state of caution, with a significant US presence in the Red Sea and its vessels deployed in a close proximity to the ship.”

Source: Tehran Times