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Armenia to Further Strengthen Cooperation With France

Armenia will continue multisectoral cooperation with France, Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan has said.

“We will certainly continue our multisectoral cooperation with the rest of our friends, such as France. Mutual visits of high-ranking officials are taking place constantly. The conversation is continuous and will remain that way,” Mirzoyan told lawmakers during a parliamentary committee hearing on the 2024 state budget draft.

Armenia will continue to deepen ties with the EU.

FM Mirzoyan stressed the role of the European Union Mission in Armenia (EUMA) in border stability and security. “We, so to say, are revealing new platforms of cooperation with the EU, new directions, such as political and security dialogue,” FM Mirzoyan said.

CEPA stipulates commitments and obligations that both Armenia and the EU must implement. In this context, FM Mirzoyan noted the launch of the visa liberalization dialogue.

Mirzoyan said Armenia highly values its relations with the US and its traditional partners such as Russia.

Source : Armenpress