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Czech Economic Delegation Visiting Jordan

A Czech economic delegation visited Jordan on May 10, 2023, accompanied by the representative of the Czech Ministry of Agriculture, Vladimira Kantorova.

The Czech Embassy, ​​in cooperation with the Jordanian European Business Association (JEBA), organized bilateral meetings for the Czech delegation on May 11, 2023, and their Jordanian counterparts to give them the opportunity to display their products in the Jordanian market.

During the delegation’s visit to Jordan, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Amman organized a workshop in the presence of the Czech Ambassador, Josef Kotzky, and in the presence of a number of senior businessmen.

The commercial and economic advisor at the Czech Embassy, ​​Zuzana Benicová, also stated that the delegation includes five companies; Budvar, Bohemia Sect, Marlenka Cake, Simandl and Cemex which operate in the food and beverage sector, reported that three of the Czech companies already have Jordanian counterparts.

It is worth noting that the embassy also arranged several exchange and individual meetings for the Czech delegation.

Benicova added that during the recent period, many Czech products entered the Jordanian market. This is a good sign for strengthening trade relations between the two countries.

The delegation left Jordan on Friday, appreciating the warm welcome from the Jordanian side and hoping to enhance trade relations between the two countries.

Source: alghad