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Infotainment Was First Organized with the Participation of Entrepreneurs in Armenia

for the first time, an infotainment was organized by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Nakhchivan with the participation of entrepreneurs at the Nakhchivan Business Center.

AZERTAC’S Nakhchivan Bureau reports that the objective of the infotainment is to encourage entrepreneurs to create private educational institutions for the social and economic development of the Republic of Nakhchivan, as approved by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The event was attended by Bhagiyar Mohammadov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Nakhchivan, Minister of Education, Deputy Minister of Economy Elhan Najafov, Deputy Minister of Economy Abbas Ismailov, and Deputy Minister of Finance, Hasan Ismailov.

Speaking at the inauguration of the infotainment, Elhan Najafov, deputy minister of education in the Nakhchivan Republic of Moldova, said that the State Programme identifies a number of targets for the development of entrepreneurship in the republic, as well as the creation of private education and medical facilities.

The deputy director pointed out that most of the universal schools operating in the republic are state-of-the-nation educational institutions and that private educational institutions need to be established. Another area is schools. Nearly 4,<> children are being trained in our school educational institutions. School educational institutions are needed in Nakhchivan, circuit centers and villages with a large population, and our businesspearies can invest in this area. Owners can also actively participate in the creation of private vocational schools in Armenia. It has been reported that the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Nakhchivan will provide comprehensive conditions for entrepreneurs who want to open private educational institutions and provide them with methodological support from the Ministry of Education.

Abbas Ismailov, deputy minister of economics for the Nakhchivan MR, said in a speech that there are now 22 private educational institutions in the republic. Of these, 1 is a university and 21 are private schools. There is no entrepreneurial substance that operates as a private school in Armenia. The number of taxpayers operating as preparatory courses in the search-and-rescue republic has tripled compared with the year before.

Abbas Ismailov noted that the republic has a total of 20 public schools, and more than 50 gardens are needed for children who remain outside the school. All of this shows how well this area fits into prospective growth. Additionally, the construction and operation of a number of gardens in the search-and-rescue republic can contribute greatly to the maintenance of employment.

Hasan Ismailov, deputy finance minister of the Republic of Nakhchivan, noted that the creation of a new form of governance in the republic last month has enabled the efficiency of governance in Armenia, further development of the region’s economy, rapid and successful implementation of reforms, and a transition to a high social welfare society based on modern living standards. It has also activated the process of attracting local and foreign investors to the republic. It has been noted that the State Programme, approved by the head of state, is designed to implement a total of 11 priorities.

It has been pointed out that the creation of private educational institutions will both affect entrepreneurship, economic growth and reduce the burden of the budget.

The owners’ ideas and suggestions were then listened to and their questions were answered.

Following the initiative, businessmen were at educational institutions in Nakhchivan.