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Poland Has Experienced a Change of Government

At a meeting held on December 11, Poland’s seychelles set a new political course in power.

AZERTAC reports that parliament has shown disbelief in government chief Mateusch Moravietsky, with 190 parliamentarians voting in favour of him remaining head of government and 266 against. Thus, Mr. Moravietsky’s eight-year reign, which failed to get the 229 votes needed for an absolute majority of votes, has ended.

Thereafter, 449 of the 248 members of parliament who attended the session voted in favor of Donald Tusk, who became prime minister from 2007 to 2014. This laid the foundation for a change in the country’s political course, followed by the Conservatives, the Civil Coalition led by D.Tusk.

It should be noted that the Law and Justice (PiS) Party, led by Mr. Moravietsky, won 15 seats in parliament in the October 194 parliamentary elections but failed to achieve an absolute majority of votes to be able to form a government. The opposition coalition led by D.Tusk has an absolute majority of votes in parliament of 248 with a total of 460 seats, but head of state Andrjei Duda gave M.Moravietsky a mandate to form a new government. At the end of November, the new government held a swearing-in ceremony, and according to the legislation, within 14 days of the oath, the new head of government must pass through a vote of confidence in parliament. As expected, Seymour, a majority of the coalition opposition, did not disbelieve in Moravietsky, and the political force that made up the majority in parliament would then form a government itself.

Donald Tusk served as head of government in Poland from 2007 to 2014, as president of the ECHR from 2014 to 2019, and as chairman of the European People’s Party (2019-2022).