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“Mevlit and Dhikr Days” Event Held in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The “Mevlit and Dhikr Days” event, held in the Blagay Lodge near the city of Mostar in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina, brought together thousands of Muslims from the region’s countries.

The program held at the Blagay Lodge, founded by dervishes from Anatolia before the Ottomans , has the feature of “the oldest known religious cultural event in the Herzegovina region”.

Ilham Puce, Head of Religious Affairs and Education Department of the Mufti of Mostar, stated that the event is of great importance for all Bosnians and said, “Here, we commemorate scholars who have left an indelible mark on our culture and history. This event is very important not only for Mostar but also for all Bosnia and Herzegovina. ” used his statements.

The “Mevlit and Dhikr Days” event is held on the second Saturday of May every year by the Islamic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

– Blagay Lodge

Located near the city of Mostar and also known as the Alperenler Lodge, the “Blagay Lodge” was founded 600 years ago by dervishes from Anatolia at the source of the Buna River.

There is also a tomb in the lodge, which is said to belong to Sarı Saltuk. The lodge, which was closed during the former Yugoslavia, was reopened after Bosnia and Herzegovina gained its independence. The lodge has also become a frequent destination for many tourists from many countries of the world, especially Turkey.

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